Gordon might never trust me again.

I know what I feel.


My grown-up son is studying abroad now.

You can sleep here for a while if you want to.

I've got to be somewhere.


You should carry out your promises.

I'm trying to memorize my speech.

Can I really have it at this price?


The data hasn't been compiled yet.

Just listen to him.

I hear you were grounded.

Promise me you won't hurt her.

I almost feel guilty.


That's not good enough for Malloy.

You may go home early today if you like.

I'm supposed to meet Varda.


Vance showed him the world.

They're all talking about his death.

There's a car approaching.

I had pizza for lunch, so I don't want pizza for dinner.

If you are going to have a party, please count me in.


You'd tell me if there was a problem, right?


Jill didn't want to say anything to make Mongo angry.

I cannot feel at home in such a hotel.

Deborah was convinced that something was wrong with Sehyo.

Markus sent his son to a boarding school in Australia.

He came back soon.

Margie found an empty pill bottle under the bed.

She has to pay for the book.

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Do not say it again, OK?

And you, gentlemen, please, follow me.

Without sufficient evidence, it was difficult to charge Dan with murder.

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I don't think I'm unimaginative.

I thought you came to see me.

Bring a lunch.

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You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

These bus ladies seem to like to do so.

He made a motion to be silent.

There will be other chances.

Randolph is the team's head coach.

This seems to be a busy place.

You should attend the meeting yourself.

I was impressed by his music.

Dan shot several people.

Please don't look at your mobile phone while we're eating.

I asked Moses to stop.

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I am going to explain it completely on the wiki.

You shouldn't have eaten the fish raw.

Neal has already told everyone.

Mr Bush, principal of our school, graduated from Yale.

We ran out of gas in the middle of the intersection.

On the table were a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

I walk a lot.


Merril went on a three-day trip.


He knows close to nothing about this issue.

Do you think you can identify Ravindran?

Hold on firmly to the handrail.

Cynthia looked shocked.

The burning building was about to collapse.

I have waited for her all my life.

Drink some tea.

We need to change your bandage.

I'll have to do it manually.

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She is in the habit of jogging before breakfast.


Do I need to explain the reason to him?

Kathleen wanted Dennis.

Africanized bee colonization caused a panic in the United States in the 90s.

The new machine will take a lot of room.

Stagger was ashamed to tell anybody what happened.

Do you have a Finnish dictionary?

People have been buying me drinks all night.

I walked 10 kilometers today.

He is due to start for Paris.

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We're paid by the job.


He closeted himself in his study.

They were fine.

Strictly speaking, you are not right.


I've always thought you knew how to speak French.

Let's take a rest.

I had not once thought about going into the sea since I came here, but at this moment, for some reason, I wanted to remove my clothes.

It's terrible.

I expect Bradford has his reasons for doing that.

He went out of the room.

How long did you go out with Vidhyanath?


Jeannie and Fay are at one of the tables in the back of the restaurant.

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Our team achieved five medals in total.

Near yonder narrow road stands an old knight's castle; thick ivy creeps over the old ruined walls, leaf over leaf, even to the balcony, in which stands a beautiful maiden. She bends over the balustrades, and looks up the road. No rose on its stem is fresher than she; no apple-blossom, wafted by the wind, floats more lightly than she moves. Her rich silk rustles as she bends over and exclaims, 'Will he not come?'

The big nations should not interfere with the smaller nations.

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Benjamin should've told us about this.

Who would ever want to leave here?

Gunnar stared down at his feet.

Kee and Thuan met to discuss what happened.

I'm going to a party Friday evening.


I agreed to take on the job realizing that I had no choice.


I was taken up to the third floor.

This story is too complex for children.

I cannot think that I will ever meet him.

This store sells vintage jewelry.

Sanford thought that Subra would be at John's party.

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Are you ready for the race?


Art could've died that night.

There's no way we can get that done by tomorrow.

It's mediocre.

Please excuse me for being rude.

Like any company, we've got to look ahead and plan for the future.

Hopefully, everyone will get well soon.

In the summer, it's very humid.

Oscar was my mom's dog.

Do you mean what you say?

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I was given a couple of tickets for tonight's concert. Would you like to go with me?

Please have Jess wait until I get there.

Let's go make fun of him.


To the query, "What is a friend?" his reply was "A single soul dwelling in two bodies."

Tiefenthal's a charmer.

These are the names.


What can we possibly give him?

You strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.

Is there still something to add to his explanation?

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Do you want to sell them?

Sehyo has a degree in electrical engineering.

Tell John I don't have his money.


You must be very proud of Novorolsky.

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The infant has faith in his mother taking care of him.

It isn't fair that you are wealthier than she is.

He showed exceptional ability in mathematics.

Craig currently lives alone in a small apartment.

Nathaniel's ancestors came from Africa.

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You'll have to handle it by yourself.

I stood in that line for thirty minutes.

Hurf was Warren's girlfriend at that time.

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I forgot his name.

What are you here for?

The army sent soldiers to remove the miners.

Please just do everything I do.

I would like to borrow fifty dollars from you.


What time did he get there?

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What's the highest mountain in the world?


Kim never returned.


Irene Pepperberg holds a round tray in front of a parrot she has named Alex.

I didn't grow up in Boston.

I suppose they need it more than we do.

The next issue will feature articles on divorce.

I told Guido that I wouldn't help him.

The picture you are looking at costs 100,000 yen.

He's jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

They are to hold a party tonight.

Don't frot against people in the bus.

Charles studied French for three hours last night.

Look at the next page.

He stared at me with a satirical smile.

Our opinions are quite different.


Unfortunately, that isn't the case.


Did Spike tell you where the party is?

When will we meet again?

While in England I often consulted the guidebook.

For a long time I didn't wear a tie.

The army sent soldiers to remove the miners.

Nobody trusts my country.

She looked beautiful when she was yet young.

I just want to visit Mahesh.

Have you ever seen the picture painted by Picasso?